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The aims and objectives of the organization have already been mentioned in its by-laws but some of its highlights are given below:

  • To create awareness about early detection, early intervention and work for the prevention of disabilities. To provide treatment, education and training to persons with disabilities in a special school within an integrated and inclusive education settings.

  • To train parents / guardian's belonging to rural areas in how to take care of their children with disabilities.

  • To create awareness amongst the general public about the causes, nature, prevention and management of disability.

  • To provide suitable vocational training for persons with disabilities enabling them to be self-dependent and become contributing member of the society.

  • To organize seminars / workshops and short term courses in which special information will be given to untrained teachers, nurses and parents of persons with disabilities.

  • To provide free education, training and medical services to the schedule castes, schedule tribes and down trodden people stimulating and enhancing their appropriate development.

  • To establish a good network among NGOs working in the area of disability rehabilitation.

  • To create and develop human resources in the area of disability rehabilitation and special education to meet the demand of professionals in the field.

  • To establish a P.G. College which would provide higher education for persons with and without disabilities.

  • To publish literatures so as to provide printed materials to parents, teachers, nurses, social workers, health workers and local elected members to create awareness amongst them.

  • To work towards advocacy for equal rights, equal opportunities and full participation of persons with disabilities.

  • To organize assessment, identification and distribution camps to distribute aids and appliances for welfare of persons with disabilities.

  • To work for creating awareness and providing services for RCH and Family Planning,  prevention, eradication and treatment of AIDS, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

  • To conduct ground-breaking research in the field of disability rehabilitation.