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Integrated Institute for the Disabled is a non-profit voluntary organization established on 15th March 1993, for the welfare of persons with disabilities at Karaundi in the holy city of Varanasi. More than 24 years of its journey with value based vision, mission and commitment of a multi-disciplinary team has provided services to thousands of persons with disabilities. The purpose of the institute is to provide total care, education and rehabilitation services to children and adults with various disabilities.


Every human has equal right to lead a better quality of life. This must be enabled with committed professionalism, accessible environment, equal apportunities, positive attitudes and appropriate, affordable, acceptable and available technological interventions; a society which values all people - with and without disabilities - as productive and contributing members, can only make it possible!


To provide need based comprehensive intervention through team approach facilitating inclusion and empowerment of every individual with disadvantages and barriers; by substantiating field based research and development of human resources.


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